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welcome to angie's paw parlor!

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Hi! I'm Angie - the owner and groomer of Angie's Paw Parlor. 

​I’ve always been working with animals in some way since I was a teenager - which was 20 years ago. I began as a veterinary assistant and found myself working in an environment that allowed me to grow into a veterinary technician and hospital manager. I am very fortunate to have obtained all of the knowledge and medical skills that I possess today, and after 8 years of the hospital environment; I decided it was time for a change.

While working at the hospital I also apprenticed under a dog trainer for one year and then began offering obedience training. Dogs are definitely my passion and being able to work with them for this long has been such a blessing. Shortly after relocating to Los Angeles I became a volunteer at Agoura Hills Animal Shelter and would periodically have to bathe the dogs. Some of the longhaired dogs that came in were an absolute mess. I wanted to learn how to make them look fabulous and help get them adopted, so I enrolled myself in Dog Grooming School. I learned the skills and tools I needed to help the pets look their best. Grooming was something I actually enjoyed very much, and knew I could provide people with not only a great grooming service, but also a safe and experienced environment.  ​I decided to turn my newfound hobby into a business, and created Angie’s Paw Parlor.

I do not offer simply grooming, I offer my professional knowledge and years of multi-faceted expertise. Grooming is daunting for many dogs, and they need tender care and compassion to help them get used to the process and they need time to trust. Understanding canine mentality is a vital component to having a good relationship with all dogs.  I sincerely love what I do, and it shows with my relationships I have with my furry clients. 

My truck is fully self-sufficient, I come with my own heated water and power. Nothing is needed from you except your dog and some treats! (I do not keep treats in the truck, some dogs with allergies can sniff out treats anywhere!).

Please contact me with any questions you may have, I look forward to meeting you and your pet! 

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