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services & prices

Services  & Prices
Your dog receives a pawdicure and ear clean, and then a thorough scrub in the tub. We then follow with a full blow and fluff dry and complete any desired trimming and finally we finish off with an all natural, paraben free light fragrance. I aim to use the most natural products and always carry hypoallergenic and soothing shampoos. I use a tearless shampoo on their faces to ensure they have no discomfort while in my care but get a very thorough cleaning.   

Under 20 pounds short coat (zero trimming required) $105/hr
Under 20 pounds $125/hr
20-40 pounds $135/hr
40-60 pounds $145/hr
60-80 pounds $155/hr

The duration of the groom all depends on the dogs' current coat condition, desired result and temperament of the dog. A difficult or matted dog will definitely take longer than a compliant tangle free pup.  On average, a shih tzu or yorkie will take 1-1.5 hours. Cockers 1.5-2 hours, Small doodles 1.5 hours, larger doodles 1.5-2.5 hours. These are all rough estimates and each dog is different. If you partake in grooming at home or your dog is on a regular grooming schedule, the appointments will be faster. 

Matting: My policy is strictly to keep the dog comfortable. If there are too many areas of matting, I will recommend a full shave or just cutting out the matts and blending the patches into the remaining coat. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who wants their pet heavily de-matted. There are many groomers out there who will de-matt large areas - but i am not one of them.  

Anal Glands (included in service if necessary)
Please note: As a previous veterinary technician, I express the anal glands as they would be done in a veterinary hospital (internally). Most groomers express the glands in a manner (from just squeezing the rectum) that can injure the dog instead of help the dog. I only do the glands if asked. My motto... if it isn't broken, don't try to fix it. Anal glands are not meant to be manually expressed unless there is a medical problem. 

*Nail Trims: Dogs with extremely long nails typically have long quicks, and need frequent trimming to reduce the length of the quick. Dogs that are extremely distressed by nail trims may or may not be done. I always welcome the help of owners with nail trims and will likely ask for your help of I need it.   

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